Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit Review


A belated post is stretching it but if I plan to kick off from where I left off, this product would be near to it. I’ve had it for months now and it would be so wrong to not write about such a lovely product which I’ve had NO regrets buying. And I’ll tell you why.

The famous ‘Flawless CHISEL CHEEKS’ Contour Kit’, by the brand Barry M, has been around for ages now. It struck off as a hit, as soon as ‘contouring’ became a thing. I kid you not, which is why it has been so popular. Now, a bit about Barry M:  Did you even know that it’s been running since 1982?  That’s a long while. It’s mostly a colourful and fun brand, which is always thriving on the current trends, so you get the idea; it’s fashionable and modern.  If you pop into the UK based Boots or Superdrug drugstores you will often find they have a VAST range of cosmetics and all things beauty-based. Seriously, from nail varnishes to face products, to beauty tools, they’ve got the whole she-bang covered. Not only do they have excellent formulas to their products but they’ve kind of nailed the pricing firmly in place. Their products are always so affordable, and the best part about it is you can never find a fault in the quality of the product against the value of the product. For example of their ludicrous prices: a ‘Barry M’ lip paint (lipstick): £4.99, a mascara (‘That’s How I Roll’): £4.99 and a lip pencil): £2.99! – (current prices). It’s amazing. And if you still had a slight issue about affording their products well be rest assured; Boots and Superdrug are forever throwing buckets of great ‘Barry M’ deals at us. We may as well be mad not to purchase anything at all! Take for instance the offer Boots have going on right now, buy one, get one half price on selected Barry M products! And take it from me, when they say ‘selected’ its most of their products anyway!


Back to the actual review I can confide in you all as to why I had purchased mine from my local Boots Store. I was new to contouring and for the sake of seeing what all the fuss was about I just had to pick this kit up. Not only was it highly affordable but it also had a few shades to play about with. In the palette you will find a highlighter, a bronzer and a contour shade. You even receive a step by step guide –so handy for the fresh meat like me! I was simply learning the ropes on mastering how to contour which is why I wanted minimum fuss and a basic palette at a good price. I bought mine for £6.99. Ofcourse, they had some even cheaper options than this product, such as ‘Collection 2000’, and even ‘SEVENTEEN’. But I preferred that ‘Barry M’ included three shades to play with rather than the standard two. That was kind of what stood out for me. Oh, and the fact they were all matt shades was a big deal for me. I was about to embark on the rocky road of trial and error and the last thing I wanted was for me to walk around, confidently, with something shimmery where it had no place to be.

The only faults I could see, if you can call it that, was the lack of a mirror –come on, all things have a mirror. And well. It was a little odd for me to find a step by step guide in place of the mirror. And lets all give a little mention of the packaging. It came in the form of a cardboard material. Now, I am not fussy but we need to be slightly real here for a second. As a customer one of the things which make me avoid a product like an evil emerald would have to be a cardboard packaged cosmetic. We are paying for it. And cosmetics are a form of luxury. They are in no shape or form a necessity in life, such as food or water, shelter. That sort of thing. Therefore it ideally should come in some form of luxury feel to it. I am not talking about anything fancy here. I would be much happy if it had come in plastic packaging. Not only would it make the product have a valuable feeling, but it will surely have functional factors too like keeping the products inside fresh and the product from damage. I do hope they change this as I have continued to see more palettes being introduced in cardboard packaging.


For a beginner friendly palette to contouring a great touch would have been to have a contouring brush included, for someone learning it would have not only been fab but it would have made the product have that special ‘wow’ feature. However I can see why they had dodged the bullet there and that was due to the complications of the amount of brushes required for each actual product.  Nevertheless, these were such minor preferences and I had researched/read/watched a ton of reviews why this one was so great, and I wasn’t disappointed, I just had to pick it up.


Now speaking of the actual products inside, the first shade being the highlighter you will find is not your typical highlighter. It is far from the highlighters that usually make your features beam with pride. The pigmentation is light and fair in colour, almost peachy. I use this to mainly set my face rather than lighten and brighten areas. It seemed too mild for that.

The second shade is the bronzer which I used least of all. This is because I really am not a fan of bronzers in general and my complexion was warm enough. It did seem more like a form of blusher though, as it was on the red side, but blended with the contour it really did wonders and it is the only way I am happy to use it by.

The last and best shade is the contour shade itself. It is highly pigmented so only a little product is needed and it blends superbly. It is a warm brown shade which works well with my complexion, so if you are a warm honey beige or olive skinned it could be your match!

Overall I would totally recommend this product, my experience with it has left be satisfied with my purchase as it does the job and was of great value. It may not look or feel special but it’s the products inside that matter and if used properly they can become special to you!



4 thoughts on “Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit Review

    1. You should TOTALLY try it!it’s inexpensive and does the job,great for beginners and for the basic natural looking contour!my honest opinion is it isn’t crazy good for travelling with but if you keep it in a make up bag it should do the trick.the problem is the packaging.It’s that naff cardboard material that they just can’t seem to be getting enough of!honestly that’s the only but I really hate!


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