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Better late than never is what I say, which is why I thought I would share this review Real Techniques Sam’s Picks. Now as you know by now how it rolls, my items do have little stories to them.  And a small mini story to this one that is. Thankfully I’m not a spendaholic so I do purchase occasionally if I do really want something. I’d first spotted this amazing set when I was watching ‘Pixiwoo’, the YouTube channel by Sam and Nic of Real Techniques. Here’s the exact link to why I became a sucker  them:

They are in fact my first PROPER set of makeup brushes. You heard me. Unbranded cheap ones don’t count although I did own one silver handled set which kind of repulses me despite actually have some decent bristles to a few of them. They were one of the most random gifts my husband had first brought for me some time after marriage. I didn’t even bother with makeup brushes back then. I think I’ve used about two or three out of a good 6 brushes, but only when I REALLY needed to. They came in this huge set of other bits and bobs. Other contents were for pedicures, nail clippers, a handbag sized mirror, a cosmetics case( which is one the only things I did like the look of, a brush pot holder, a few mini sponge eye shadow applicators and some sponges for applying foundation. It’s funny, the evolution of ‘beauty blenders’ –once square pieces of foam, now these huge tear drops that are the craze. I never used any of the other stuff really, but I did find the nail clippers practical, until they broke. For the sake of a simple life I use to just stick to the equipment (is that what you call them?) that the makeup products came with. Nevertheless I wasn’t that desperate that I’d go to the lengths of using the sponge applicators that some eyeshadows come with. Never use that.  So point being I most likely will never let go of these beauties. I think I deserve them.  Any time I get ready they’re the first set I pull out, followed by Real Techniques Nic’s Picks.  I know they aren’t MAC or Sigma or anything but I actually do prefer these to the other brands of brushes out there simply because at the end of the day one really ought to remember that they are just damn brushes. I honestly don’t understand to the end of my tether how some girls out there are very much besotted in makeup brushes –they aren’t the makeup themselves! It’s just splashed left, right and centre on Youtube. Hopefully someone out there agrees with me that it can all become very silly indeed. Hence, why I believe Real Techniques did a brilliant job making them not only affordable but of high quality as well as the aesthetic appeal.


I’d been continuously watching reviews on them as they were going to be my first brushes ever, so I wanted to know that  if I invested (my husband I mean)n them then I won’t ask myself, ‘what was I thinking?’ , after brushing the dust off and blowing away decorative cobwebs.
The reason why this set was just perfect for me was because they have a whole set of brushes needed for an entire look. I did look at other brands such as Eco Tools, Lottie, Makeup Revolution however none of them did a fine job like Real Techniques. And that is really my honest opinion.

I’ll go through each brush starting from left to right, biggest to smallest. The first brush is the Multi Task Brush. For obvious reasons, if you were starting out, like me, you would definitely want this brush even if you had no idea what to do with it. It’s just an all-round handy brush to have if you’re seeking for the small collection like I am. I use this brush for application of blusher mainly and face powder sometimes too. It’s the biggest one out of the whole set which makes it perfect to do a lot of coverage on a face and the bristles are way soft, as expected. However, sometimes I don’t use this brush at all. When I go for natural, I really wouldn’t bother setting the bb creams, which is what I use. It just seems to add another layer and I avoid the idea of layers. It’s like, once you know you’ve applied a particular product, bam. That’s a layer my love. Well, that’s what sticks in my mind when it comes I do.
The second in the set is the Setting Brush.  It’s my favourite for adding highlighter which for me I just have to.  It’s got this small shaped head which is the perfect size for adding a touch of glisten to the highest parts of your cheeks. It is also great for setting or blending out mini areas of concealer but I usually don’t apply any of these products, so highlighter, famous you s


hall be.

The Buffing Brush is the third in the set. It has this unusual shaped head, with a bigger surface area and a small packed bottom it’s ideal for applying liquid, mouse or mineral foundation. I use it for exactly that- well, with my BB cream. I can’t say I use it for anything else and I wouldn’t want to. It really wouldn’t look chic with different tones of foundation after its been mucked about it other products. At first I was wary about using it for ‘buffing’ in any product into my skin at all but realised I could just use little product and rather just blend away, rather than packing and pushing it into my skin. Besides, BB creams are very light weight anyway.
Fourth in line is the Pointed Foundation Brush and it’s available in the core collection too. It’s the least used one I have as I use the Buffing Brush for the base of my looks. It genuinely is a great brush though because it’s extremely soft but I do think size is the problem here. It’s too small! Imagine having the time of day to apply each stroke of foundation and then having to blend it out too. With a Buffing Brush you could just go mad and no would be none the wiser. It’ll essentially be a secret between just you and your reflection. I have tried making use of this brush to line out a few contours for small areas like the nose as it’s got that precise pointed head, and then I blend it out and that works fine for me. So contouring, I guess. That’s the way to go.

Now the one I urgently wanted was the next one which is the Essential Crease Brush. I really haven’t had an eyeshadow brush and prior to buying this set I was truthfully infatuated with the soft ‘cut crease’ look. I never even KNEW there was something like that until a number of months back. I’m pretty sure I learnt the technique from Pixiwoo themselves. I can’t tell you how good this brush is for exactly what it’s made for, it’s got this dome shaped head, and its super soft! When I first used it I still remember the colours I wore: navy blue with a cool toned gold. It was magnificent, and I’m not exaggerating.  The whole set was worth buying if you just wanted this brush alone. Seriously.

Now, the last one brush that came in this set is the Fine Liner Brush. It’s a brush I haven’t also had a chance to use but I still plan on giving it a whirl someday. I am happy it has been included in the set though as it can be used to add that little highlighter in the corner of the eyes or to work precise application around the eyes. Its got short fine bristles which has some density to it  you can be assured it won’t give you a wobbly eyeliner or anything.
I do believe I came across a really decent set of makeup brushes that is really good for value and quality. I probably won’t be buying nor have the need to go and get more brush either as it’s all in there. Thanks to my lovely husband I own them! It was purchased for £25.99 from Amazon. We all love a GOOD bargain ladies.

P.s Snapped a few of these photos of my old ones…




Do you own any Real Technique brushes?? Which ones are your favourite?


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