Real Techniques Nic’s Picks Brush Set!


Call me late but I FINALLY got my hands on like the best brush set EVERRR! I’m talking about what everyone on the planet probably has already heard of: Real Techniques Nic’s Picks Brush Set!

For those of you out there who are still a little clueless about whom or what Real Techniques are don’t have a nervous breakdown or anything, I’m here. I’ll give you the melted scoop.

This brand is set up by the two sisters known as Samantha and Nicola Chapman and based on make-up brushes, although they have brought out their own set ofmake up palettes, which were quite splendid too. I think they must have been exclusive as they never did produce anymore after, which I find is quite a shame. They’ve also have their own Youtube channel called ‘Pixiwoo’, which is just cram-packed with all sorts of make-up know-how and tutorials on how to use their brushes too! You should totally check them out if you haven’t already! You won’t regret it, I promise. .


Ok, so I’ve been kind of dying to rave on about them in my blog somewhere, and as I’m a newbie I really delayed it thinking there was some perfect time for slotting it in the blog itself, but I think it might burst out of me in an unfathomable manner soon if I don’t harp on about it now.

In the previous post I mentioned exactly how they came into my presence –you can read all about it right here: .

Now there were a number of reasons I really wanted them, and what you will find what most people will say is that they are a mixed selection of synthetic brushes (they all are! Real Techniques are cruelty-free, it’s true!) –  That allow you to do your entire make up look; using just these five brushes alone! You can check out this really useful tutorial on youtube by ‘nz0424’ who literally just did it for me so I had to get my hands on them after seeing this video! Check her out! She’s fab!

I’ll begin dishing out the gold on each brush from left to right probably because its biggest brush to smallest one). One note I do want to get out of the way as its probably the only negative I have is that they feel very light weight. Dare I say, TOO light weight. Heck, they feel kind of cheap. I didn’t notice it at first but whenever I used other brushes these just seemed too light. It hasn’t burst my bubble or anything as the functions of the brushes and overall design really make up for it.


Anyway  The first brush is called the Duo Fibre Brush and it was one of the brushes I was desperate to get my hands on.  This is because it’s made to pick up minimum pigments of the product, be it a blusher or face powder, setting powder etc. The bristles are various sizes and its not at all dense so it really does pick up a little of what you need. Now I’m pretty confident that every girl out there has had that moment once in their life where you apply blusher and its costs you precious time because you start doubting whether you’ve applied WAY too much or not enough. So for those of you who have had that problem of going around with a strawberry face I suggest you get yourself a DUO FIBRE BRUSH. Ever since I brought the collection it’s the only brush I use on my cheeks, it’s that good. It’s also perfect to swipe away any powder over the face, or set your concealer, because it won’t remove too much of the product away due to its soft bristles. You can’t top that factor.

The second brush is the Cheek Brush and its exclusive to this set; you can’t purchase it separately anywhere else! It’s yet again another brush I badly wanted. This is because I was in a dilemma of wanting The Sculpting Set only for the contour brush. I already had the setting brush from The Real Techniques Sam’s Picks (yes, I own the other set too and I will also give you a review on that collection soon! So you see it was pointless wanting The Sculpting Set for just the one brush. I’m not into having a massive collection of brushes that take up a valuable amount of space on a dressing table which is why I’ve only stuck to these two!) The Cheek Brush is shaped perfectly for contouring and isn’t that dense, so you can use it to blend properly.

Third is the ANGLED SHADOW BRUSH, also a set exclusive. Did I need any more reasons to want this collection?? I already own the exclusive Deluxe Crease Brush which does do all the jobs of what you want your eyeshadow to do but this was an angled brush. I’ve seen a number of reviews saying it makes where you place your eye shadow effortless, which is kind of a problem for me, so I knew I could get some use out of this one too! This brush has an angled shaped head that was made especially for that crease and the bristles aren’t too dense making it flexible to blend to your hearts content.

The fourth brush in the set is a Base Shadow Brush. It isn’t exclusive or anything so you can be sure to find it in the purple EYE BRUSHES Set that Real Techniques have handily made for us. I use this one for blending everything out but on some occasions when I’m in that rush mode I pull this out and go for a basic two-tone colour on my eyes. It still does the job.

Last but not least is the Angled Eye-liner Brush, also an exclusive cut to this collection –it’s just brilliant! However as this is an honest review of my opinions I have to say I really don’t care about eye-lining brushes as I use those eye-liners that come like a little nail polish with a thin brush type of thing. I also don’t own any eye-liner gel either so using this brush hasn’t happened yet unfortunately. BUT I have wanted it believing I can still use it to do some smudging under the eye so I am happy about that. It’s shaped in, of course, an angle and because the bristles are way small and short it allows precise application- I can’t complain.

I just really am happy about this set and even though it was quite on the pricey side everywhere I looked, I managed to purchase them at a reasonable £25.99 on Amazon, although they were a nitwit about the delivery. I still get exciting pulling them out when I’m getting ready to go out somewhere! It really has that feel to them…

What brushes are your faves? Where did you get them. from? How do you enjoy using them?let me know!


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