Have YOU ever had an AMAZON miracle?



We’ve all been there, ordering something online and then waiting for that precious parcel past its sodding due date. We’ve all also opened up something to make us think we’d been had. But have you ever had a little miracle after ALL the doom and gloom of the above?

It had been a good few months since I’d ordered from Amazon, via my husband, as a reward for this HUGE welcoming dinner I threw for my parents in law when they were coming back from their pilgrimage. ‘What did I cook that needed a reward at the end of it?’ I hear you ask? I’ll give you a whole break down of that pretty soon in an upcoming post. But for now I’m here to share with you the little miracle that’s kept me puzzled since.

I’d been eyeing Real Techniques Nic’s Picks Brush Set for ages, and I do mean an embarrassing amount of ‘ages’. I’d been perving on them through Youtube, random blogs, Pinterest…the whole nine yards basically. I then was left waiting like a muppet over two weeks as they were overdue the estimated date! I was gutted about that and still curse Amazon in my head when I think about it.

When the package was finally delivered that morning I pretended to not know what was inside as my husband began opening the large bubble-wrapped envelope all the whilst my excitement quietly brewed in my stomach.

He pulled it out and my jaw almost dropped into my cup of morning tea. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at : Sure it was the Real Techniques Nic’s Picks Brush set but why on earth did it look as if a dog had gotten at it?? Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration but the packaging was open, and there was the cellophane coming off of the sides, and to my absolute horror I then find out there was a brush missing too! I couldn’t have wanted to boot Amazon more than any other time in my life. I yelp out that we needed to make a complaint as I was ‘not happy’.


After a whole day and a phone call later from my husband at work telling me they had said to check the package properly (which we both did a few times) I went back to dig out the package I’d buried underneath our pile of carrier bags, in a fit of anger and in denial. (Yes, we all have them stored away in a mess somewhere). So I open up the envelope and literally turn it upside down, and then I slip the entire foam out which encased the brushes and OMG I hear a light clack on the kitchen table. Something had fallen out! I begin grinning away as scramble for the rolling away item. It was the missing BRUSH! The smallest of the bunch (kinda makes sense why it went ‘missing’ in the first place).  I was just so thrilled to bits I just had to take a selfie of me and the missing brush and send it right away to my husband, to show him my beaming face. To this day I still wonder exactly where it had been hiding, it just wasn’t logically possible. I like to call it a miracle. Because there was just no way a box could have an extra ‘side’ or space when it was holding a foam box  so snuggly inside…plus most of the box was transparent. Spooky.

So the moral of the story to you is just make sure you check your package properly before you go stomping your feet  and fuming about -or burying your beloved parcel somewhere and letting disappointment gnaw away at the back of your mind… as you could end up feeling quite like a nitwit. Oh also if it’s from Amazon just be warned there’s going to be some expert shoddy packaging. A five year old can wrap better.


Have you ever had a ghastly episode from Amazon then?  Or another delivery company that you NEED others to be warned about?? Leave a comment!



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