The Baby Food Awe


Every new mummies and daddies must MUST know just how huge that milestone is when your little one’s reached the eating-food-other-than-milk/sterilized-water stage. Not to mention cute as a button…

Oh the joy I’ve reached, a few months back mind you -babies can start at 4 months. It was quite scary at first but I had my mother in law to guide me and egg me on. I could be extremly hesitant when it comes to making a change for my baby when it comes to taking a step foward. The uncertainties of whether you might seem like the pushy parent who isn’t able to see that their child just isn’t ready. It would mean either you don’t care or that you don’t understand your child.Or that you yourself, as a parent, are just as new to the whole idea to a new step just as much as your baby, but you would have to take that big gulp and mask your nervousness for the sake of your baby. Im sure parents need to be confident even if it means faking it, children absorb the behaviour you display so you can’t seem too afraid if they’re relying on you for support and confidence to try something new. That step of the first change your baby must learn to adapt to, would mean you would also need the practice too. That’s if it’s your first child,  like me.

I remember the way my mother in law had told me ‘it’s going to be ok to start her on some baby food now.’ I didn’t know what to say, just nervous at the thought of how will my baby take it? Will she be able to swallow? Would she like the food she eats as I won’t understand if she likes it or not! I probably agreed with an ‘ok’, thinking: one step at a time. She might have guessed I was weary but she then reassured me after stating the obvious, which was something in the lines of ‘the baby will feel a bit fuller rather than quickly getting hungry every few hours. Poor thing, for how long must she consume just liquids, and soon after it will all be peed away’. I laughed at the thought and felt better straight away.

So the next few days her Grandmother and Grandfather both go out for a spot of shopping and when they came home I beamed at what they’d brought for my baby: two baby spoons, three bowls, and some baby food. She had been prepared in an instance. The two spoons were quite rubbery, and as silly as it may seem, I was giggling away with my Father in law, at how the company had thought to make them flexible (rubbery) and all bendy at the spooning part, in order to protect the baby’s gums. I’m sorry but I’ve never been a parent before so these new objects and notions can be quite exciting for me lol.

Her two spoons came as a pair, one was blue and the other green. Not sure about who had chosen the colours but they weren’t causing a harm. Her Grandfather explained that he’d failed to find pink spoons so they would have to do. Her bowls were transparent and pink, that came in a set of three with some embossed star shapes all over. How funny it was that her Grandfather had cared about matching her utensils and cutlery. She had been prepared with the bibs ages before that when she was born and still in hospital so everything was set and ready to go.


I began my child on Cow & Gate Baby Rice, a simple form of powder that requires sterized warm water and some of your baby’s milk powder/breast milk for that familiar taste. My mother-in-law guided me as I’d made it, teaching me of what consistency was best and how much I’d ought to try first. She  suggested we try a few spoons only first. So that day, with my baby seated in her Animal Forest bouncy chair, her first bib in use and wrapped around her neck, food, water bottle and tissues at the ready, my mother in law sat nearby as the supervisor. And off I began. And yes, I’d caught her first moments of growing up on camera.

Now recently she’s tried this new food by a brand called ‘Hipp’. She’d never tried them before until a few days ago I’d received The Growing Family Pack by Bounty. They have these packs that contain samples, vouchers and magazine dedicated to give you all the expert advice and know how. If you’re a soon-to-be parent you’re going to love this company, be sure to check them out! ( They’d guided me throughout my pregnancy with their apps and tips on website! The two sachets I’d found were full size products and different from the glass jars baby food usually come in. It was quite handy that they’d thought to finally have a cap that really DOES screw back on properly if the baby doesn’t have the whole portion of food the product comes in. My baby hasn’t started having the whole lot so I’m always considering how much I heat up for her. Back on point, the two foods came in two flavours. One was carrot, cauliflower and peas, and the other was a parsnip,sweet potato and broccoli. It was the first time she was having veggie puree and she loved it. I could tell. So I’ve told my husband to get some more! It would be nice for her dinners instead of her sweeter tasting food which is made by Heinz in the Egg custard and rice flavour. I just think she needs some savoury tasting foods too so she gets a good variety.

The tea that I had brewed on the stove, because I roll that way (if you’re Asian you would know how it goes) has now probably grown cold. so I’m off to grab the chocolate digestives and gulp it down.

If you enjoyed this post be sure to comment! and if you’re a parent open up to me and share some of your food stories with your little one with me! Till next time!


4 thoughts on “The Baby Food Awe

  1. Its such as you learn my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the guide in it or something.
    I feel that you could do with some % to pressure the message home a little bit, however
    other than that, that is fantastic blog. An excellent read.
    I’ll definitely be back.


    1. Lol I know a little but I’ve grasped the straws that I can!can I ask what do you mean to “pressure the message home a little bit”?I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the time reading through!and pleased to hear you’ll be returning!keep your eyes peeled,I’ve got one coming up soon!


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