#1_Dipping My Toe…


It may have been a wiser choice to begin my first post ever on the darn laptop…

  My little Angel’s fast asleep. A snore here and there, accompanied by a stir. I’ve got a good few minutes left till Magrib prayer starts, to write up this exclusive introductory post.

I’ve always been into reading and since I’d discovered blogs I’ve been kind of hooked. No, not hooked actually, fascinated rather… I have been hooked onto a few such as ‘The Little Loaf’, ‘Brave Tart’ and ‘Meg Says’, which is new. So foodie stuff and beauty world is where I’m at usually.

I’m the type of girl who kept those diaries, YES, diaries. You could call it the original blogging, so I thought, hmm, it’s about time I up the game. And yes, I still have the majority of them (missing ones have their own tales for another day and another time). So yep, here I am, slightly nervously, typing away, on my HTC -using one finger to type, testing away the public world of blogging. Feel as shy as a little snail, but its about being brave. Hopefully I’m not resembling a snail though. Not a pretty sight,ugh. What really made me want to start a blog was the need for a little confidence, to do something out of my comfort. Sure I’d thought about it, over and over again, wondering should i? Could I? Then, to be blunt, I thought screw it I’m going to start right this instance. and I did.

What I’d like to share in this brand new, sparkly post is what my thoughts are on this remarkable channel on Sky, called ‘Baby tv’ (channel 623), for babies ofcourse. Its viewable in a whole bunch of countries, which is good news for all parents out there, with children under 5 I’d say. Now, you’re probably wondering why on earth is this channel worth mentioning, there must be a billion channels all aimed at kids. Ah, but there isn’t one like this you see, it REALLY IS aimed at babies. My just-turned 6 month old daughter is in love with pretty much the whole shabang. We’re talking about the programmes, the hosts, the colours, songs, voices, must I go on?

I’d first stumbled on the channel giving the telly the good old flick through. I was trying to find something suitable for my 2 month old as she wasn’t able to play with toys just yet. Every programme I came across was just too advanced for her to focus on. Babies need simplicity, fun, basic characters, with a ton of colours thrown in for good measure. To be brutally honest the name was what grabbed me the most. ‘Baby tv’, could it be any more direct? I’d thought I’d give it a whirl, and 4 months later it’s still going down a storm. It’s made feeding my darling so much easier, as she can be a fussy missy at times. I’m just quite fascinated at how this channel has all nailed all the right points to be appealing to babies; what with the repitition of programmes, which are perfect length to keep a baby amused (as we all know they could easily lose interest in a whim), theyre about 5 minutes long. They’ve also got these friendly animated characters that pretty much are on laughing gas, so cheerful enough I guess. The main host appears to be the little guy in the logo, a beaming butterfly who’s name is ‘Baby’…what’s up with that? Anyway there are the classic nursery songs such as ‘Little Miss Muffet’, ‘Ring-O-Ring-O-Roses’ and ‘Ten Green Bottles’. One downfall is they don’t follow the traditional tune so personally I see it as something lost, not gained. There are some other ones too which I’ve never heard of so can’t really recall the names, but they’re new and catchy too. Ok, so enought of the ranting, your babies will love, it end of. And the lovely touch they’ve added is their own website jam-packed with episodes, games, a whole can of stuff for when your baby is a little older! Just how cute is that?! And if you’ve got a baby who needs it on the go, there’s a handy app too! It’s all round cheers.

I thought I’d try WordPress, I keep ‘seeing’ that name everywhere..not entirely sure how all this works so bare with me, it’ll be fun. Also throw me some ropes if you are the loving kind!lol.

Its time to say goodbye as I’m due for a one to one with the big guy. Prayer calls, till next time!


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